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SCG Smartboard Square Edge 1220 x 2440 (4'x8') x 6.0 mm.

SCG Smartboard for Ceiling - suitable for different ceiling works and style. It can be use for both Interior and Exterior SCG Smartboard is suitable for various kind of application for both interior and exterior •Termite Resistant • Moisture Resistant •Flexible •High Impact strength •Flexible
13,000 Ks
Size1220.000 x 2440.00 x 6.00 (mm)
Weight27.000 kg
Width1220.000 mm
Length2440.00 mm
Height6.00 mm
Use Per Unit2.97 sqm/pc
Basic DataSCG Smartboard a new generation of fiber cement material with Firm and Flex Technology. It is made thru special autoclave process that made board becomes durable, elastic and strong. SCG Smartboard is compose of High Quality Materials such as SCG Cement, Silica and Special Cellulose Fiber. Specifically design for Ceiling, Wall, Floor and Senepa applications both Interior and Exterior
Care Warning Instruction•Recommended for Ceiling Application only
•Not Suitable to be use as structure
•Inhaling and Eating of dust that result from drilling, grinding, shearing, washing the materials are prohibited
•Installer must follow installation manual
•Installer must use only standard equipmemt