Super Bright WSL-08 Solar Lights

Solar cell LED lamp, can be mounted on the wall, on the wall, along the fence, giving off a cool white light. No need to pay for electricity, easy to install, no wiring required, safe, bright all night. with motion sensor
Brand: EVE Lighting
78,000 Ks
Super Bright WSL-08 Solar Lights
Solar Cell wall lamp for safety, clean energy, technology
that changes from sunlight to light, suitable for use in
outdoor yard, hotels, resorts, companies, factories, walls, fences, no wiring required,
easy to install
• Motion detection in 2-4 ranges m at an angle of 120 °
• If there is no movement within 30 seconds after the lamp is on, the lamp
will automatically dim.

Precautions for use : The lamp must be exposed to direct sunlight at least
8 hours per day, can be used for 10-12 hours
• Reduce the burden of electricity by 100%, no wiring required
• Brightness up to 380 lumens. Mains
• Automatically turns on at night
• No mercury, no harmful UV light
• IP65 suitable for outdoor use
• Operating temperature -20 to 45 °C
• 1 year warranty
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